Rebus Rokroth

Insane asylum located on the mountain of Flanjegus Mo

Heineman and Atlanta shortly did just that, climbing to the lunatic asylum on the heights of the great rock of Flanjegus Mo. They took with them Bullock and Brod. These professional strongarm specialists, adepts in the higher arts of gooning, both looked forward with eager anticipation to the prospect of a proper punchup. [NoP Ch2]

What did it see? Atlanta hoped she was invisible, shrouded by the shadows of the chimney. But the golem certainly saw the city, and the gaunt rocks of Flanjegus Mo rising to mountain heights to the north of the city; and it certainly saw the lunatic asylum, the Rebus Rokroth, a house of imprisonment high on those northern heights.
As Chalakanesia's metapsychic faultline allows communal moods to express themselves as so much emotional weather, the Rebus Rokroth, a community of lunatics, was often the focus of the most alarming phenomena. Tonight, wraithing clouds of fog, steam and disintegrating ghosts went swirling round the Rebus Rokroth, which looked like a rock set amidst a clash of tidal currents. The golem gazed upon this communal expression of the nightmare of the insane, then spoke. [WoH Ch11]

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