Quisling Hok

A road

'Never mind, never mind,' said Atlanta to herself. 'I might not have an affidavit, but I do have you.'
Upon which Atlanta deliberately set about plying Soba with enough strong drink to render her senseless, a project easily accomplished thanks to Soba's greedy appetites and her frail will. Atlanta then hired a rickshaw and had Soba taken to the Ik Mablis, the cheap hotel on Quisling Hok. She left Soba sleeping amidst the bedbugs in a cockroach cavern, then paid a loitering messenger boy to run a note to Yulius, telling him to meet her at the Hot and Cold 'so we can discuss a certain third party.' [WoH Ch12]

Chadlin was the blind owner of that notorious hotel known as the Ik Mablis, a large and largely derelict dosshouse on Quisling Hok, a free-standing slum which, despite its decrepitude, routinely earnt Harnok Chadlin enough money to debauch himself. Debauch himself he did, and he was notorious for his association with whores, who would tolerate him when no other woman would. [EoH Ch13]

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