Qin Sistock Maruka

Road down the Mexicus Hojo Peninsular.

From Hodokyo De, Gorkindachina ventured down Qin Sistock Maruka, making toward the Mexicus Hojo, the peninsular on which the mansions of the great and mighty were largely to be found. Under the dark and brooding sky of octopus-writhing purple, his lumbering form cast no shadow. He felt gritty from a night spent largely without sleep, and sore and battered from the hammering he had taken in the great metapsychic storm of the Blast of Belta 2365. [NoP Ch14]

By the time they got to Qin Sistock Maruka, the broad avenue of crushed coral running the length of the Mexicus Hojo, the scream had risen to such a volume that it was impossible to carry out an ordinary conversation. The rickshaw wallah got as far as House Gorkindachina, the first of the great mansions on Qin Sistock Maruka, then stopped. [EoH Ch17]

The east-west road is the Alkaline Bill, which runs between Eastport and Westport. It is intersected by a north-south road, the northerly part of which is Palching Lindus. The southerly part, which runs the length of the Mexicus Hojo and terminates at Ezakinfin, is the broad avenue of Qin Sistock Maruka (that street of elegance which the Gan in their bitterness have named in derision as the Bluttocky Batter). [NoP Ch12]

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