Moish Aran

An Island destroyed in a battle between Heaven and Hell.

Jol Medlis, a citadel made of the artificial armorstone known as sablax, was a reminder of the wars in which Heaven had fought with Hell. Chalakanesia had suffered the most devastating effects of that war, including the complete and irreconcilable destruction of the island of Moish Aran, previously the site of one of the greatest of Chalakanesia's mirarilusistans.
'Never again!' said the war memorials. [EoH Ch1]

Though those wars have passed into history, Moish Aran has not been restored, for it was damaged beyond repair. Nothing remains of it but rat-shadow silence and trashcan ruin. The island is like a baby after its face has been burnt off with a hot iron (something often done in Hell to the infant children of tax defaulters, a fact which the citizens of Heaven would do well to bear in mind now that their own tax collectors are demanding power without limit or scrutiny).
As you will doubtlessly be aware, it is customary for any writer from Heaven or Hell to preface any book on Chalakanesia with some mention of the war. While we acknowledge no great obligation to convention, we yet think this a worthy custom; so, though we are not concerned with war, we have nevertheless acknowledged the past by meditating on the destruction of Moish Aran. In all sincerity, we encourage the reader to do likewise.
Heaven and Hell bear joint and equal responsibility for what happened in Chalakanesia. Heaven and Hell are mutually responsible for a great destruction which neither began nor ended with the doom of Moish Aran. And, since this book is under contract to publishers in both Heaven and Hell, it is right and proper that we should follow the conventions, and remember what appalling damage our ancestors did to Chalakanesia when they fought so bitterly over the islands of the metapsychic faultline. [WoH Ch8]

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