Midas Makorum

An island of Chalakanesia. The biggest island known as "The Great Clam".

The presidency of the Federation of Chalakanesia rotated from state to state, passing from Cherwin Skam to Midas Makorum, from Unlox Brocade to Solakarno, from Jaz Diva to Sopwith Dromedax, and so at last to Islam Demaxus. As the presidential term was seven years, a complete rotation of the presidency took forty-nine years, which meant that no person could reasonably hope to be president twice in one lifetime. [NoP Ch4]

While Chalakanesia's presidency moved from Pearl to Pearl every seven years, the federal treasury itself stayed put on Midas Makorum, the Second Pearl. That was a rational system. To move the federal treasury around Chalakanesia would have created an ongoing administrative nightmare, exposing a large chunk of the nation's treasure to shipwreck and theft. However, this rationality offended many, who thought it unfair that the Great Clam should have a permanent lockgrip on the lucrative treasury jobs. [NoP Ch13] OOL,WoH,EoH,NoP

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