Lexis Central

Downtown Lexis.

She meant the House Jubiladilia, the Family rambler on Qin Sistock Maruka, down on the Mexicus Hojo, the peninsular south of Lexis Central. [NoP Ch8]

Atlanta Ignalina worked in the heart of the city of Lexis, in Lexis Central. Her boyfriend Yulius lived nearby, in Westport. But Atlanta's own home was on the Mexicus Hojo, the residential peninsular which lies south of Lexis Central, reaching away to the fisherman's haven of Ezakinfin. A perfectly good road, the broad avenue of Qin Sistock Maruka, ran straight down the middle of the Mexicus Hojo - but Yulius, being suddenly beset by an almost pathological attack of shyness, was too scared to use it. [WoH Ch1]

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