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  • Lexis lies at the southern tip of the island of Islam Demaxus in the nation of Chalakanesia.
  • It is the Capital City of Islam Demaxus.
  • The entire Oceans of Light series is set in Lexis.
  • Lexis is divided into four areas: Eastport, which is the rich area where all the administrative functions are located, Westport where the slums and Gan live, Lexis Central the business area, and the Mexicus Hojo Peninsular where the rich families have their mansions.
  • North of Lexis is the mountain of Flanjegus Mo.
  • In some of the short stories Lexis is called "Vizlexis". Hugh must've later decided to shorten the name.

Long, long before Panjalo was ever born, back in the year Belta 2230, the Year of the Pelican in the 548th Chalakanesian Cycle, the city of Lexis had been mainwrecked by the greatest metapsychic storm of all time, a climactic event known as the Act of Thunder.
After that annus mirabilis (which included not just the Act of Thunder but also the Black Flood, the Blue Plague and the Great Fire), the good people of Lexis tried to redesign their city along the lines of Barth Banchup Bakchakris, which is famous for being laid out on a geographical grid in which the streets run from north to south and from east to west. [NoP Ch12]

Floating in the water, Atlanta could not clearly distinguish coast from sea, but managed, nevertheless, to place herself by the high and distant rock of Flanjegus Mo, that mountain which mounds itself up to the north of the city of Lexis. She was too far removed to pluck its details: she could not make out Jol Medlis or the Rebus Rokroth. And this alarmed her, for only now did she realize how far she had come in her struggles, and how long those struggles had taken.
Atlanta was shocked to realize she was south, far south of Lexis. She was south of the city, and south of the island which sustained it, south in seas of blood and bluest black, the squid's ink seas of evening lit by the setting sun. [WoH Ch16]

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