Then she grinned, showing him a mouthful of shark. Her serrated teeth were as jagged as the Huk mountains, and as white as the powder from a can of ZoZoGlenz. She was floating on wine, its effects made potent by fatigue. [WoH Ch14]

In an effort to get a grip on the man to whom she was to be mated, Atlanta checked through Gorkindachina's paperwork, and found he had been in Eo-Eo Hoptus, in the shadow of the Huk mountains. She found the town of Eo-Eo Hoptus in an atlas. She lingered over the atlas, seeing dozens of names familiar from comic books, product catalogs, histories and T-shirt slogans. Maybe Gorkindachina would like to take a honeymoon in the east. [WoH Ch15]

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