House Of Sin

An icecream emporium (and brothel?) run by Betina Lilibet.

'Diet books,' says Betina Lilibet, 'are the worst form of pornography.'
It has to be admitted than Betina Lilibet, proprietor of Betina Lilibet's House of Sin, has a vested commercial interest in chocolate. And icecream. And marzipan. And icing sugar. And toffee. And fudge.
But she also has a point. [NoP Ch6]

The Vampire's Feast was then under new management, having been taken over by Betina Lilibet, the proprietor of that notoriously seductive cake and icecream emporium known as Betina Lilibet's House of Sin. The name of the place was still the same, but everything else had changed since Panjalo's last visit.
Thanks to Betina's endeavors, the Vampire's Feast had been painted in soft pastel colors. There were lace cloths on the table, and a well-mannered waitress brought hot towels to the incoming guests. [NoP Ch12]

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