House Lubamacasta

House on the Mexicus Hojo, originally belonging to Glan Gleneth Soba Lubamacasta. It came into the possession of Family Epoktatima to repay Soba's debts and was then purchased by the Family Belch.

After a frygun fight between Wolfganga's gang and guards from La Lantis it is burnt to the ground, before it is finally given to Gorkindachina by Atlanta.

Like most of the great Houses of the Mexicus Hojo, the House Lubamacasta had a swimming pool set in its eastern lawn. As Atlanta walked by that pool, she saw something lumpy in its moon-reflecting waters. She tried to ignore it, for she always tried to ignore the moon shining by night on water. Then one of the zogo zalth came drifting through the night. It hovered over the pool, and, by its violetblue aura, Atlanta saw that the lumpy thing was, unmistakably, a body floating in the water.
She realized that she had seen as much already, deciphering the shape by moonlight, but had tried to deny her knowledge, and had succeeded till now. But denial was at an end. The knowledge could not be set aside. In the pool there was a body, the body of a woman, fully-dressed. [WoH Ch4]

Down Qin Sistock Maruka they went, the golem ahead and Atlanta behind. Down Qin Sistock Maruka they went, leaving the House Gorkindachina far in their wake. Atlanta fully expected the golem to go all the way to the House Jubiladilia. But it did not. Midway between the House Gorkindachina and the House Jubiladilia, the golem abruptly stopped. Then it turned left. It turned into the driveway of the House Lubamacasta, home of Atlanta's friend Glan Gleneth Soba Lubamacasta.
Lumbering forward like a human elephant, the golem advanced on the unsuspecting House Lubamacasta. It banged on the door with a sound like the unsettlement of mountains. [WoH Ch11]

More recently, however, Wolfganga had bought the House Lubamacasta from the Family Epoktatima. Its original owner, Glan Gleneth Soba Lubamacasta, an unfortunate woman who had an unparalleled capacity for piling up debts, had lost both the House and her liberty to the Epoktatimas, and was presently being treated for opium addiction in the Rebus Rokroth.
'Do you plan to let House Belch?' said Heineman. [NoP Ch15]

'No,' said Atlanta. 'But he gets a building site. The House Lubamacasta, formerly property of Wolfganga Zenseneth Belch, has been confiscated by order of the senate, and has been given to Vignis Vo. The rambler itself is no more than a charred shell, but he can build himself a new one.'
'Anything else?' said Heineman. [NoP Ch18]

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