House Jubiladilia

Two days later, after further talks with Grindle-Joyce, Heineman came to the Conference Room of the House Jubiladilia, meaning to brief his sister Atlanta and his grandfather Zinjanthrop at a strategy meeting. The Conference Room was a cedar-paneled carbuncle raised above the roof of the House Jubiladilia just as the uppermost first-class bar of the Zuzu Magore was raised above the ship's observation deck.
Heineman was first to arrive, and found the room full of light. Sunlight was pouring down from a clear sky, and the world was awash with light to its very horizons. Through the 360o windows of the Conference Room, he could gaze his full upon the aching endlessness of the Oceans of Light. To the west, a three-masted ship was venturing out of Westport, all sails set, the vessel almost stationary upon the sea. Out to the east, there were a few praus sailing around the Spliars, near the wreck of the Zuzu Magore. [EoH Ch6]

Gorkindachina called first at the House Jubiladilia, the rambler more properly known as Yoth Naxis. He did not win admittance. He was repulsed, but not before learning that Atlanta was probably to be found in her law office. [NoP Ch14]

And, before Heineman knew it, his blanket was being pulled away and he was being bundled into the mainbath of the House Jubiladilia, a huge affair which could bathe twenty full-grown skinmasters at one time. The water was hot from the geothermal mainspring which fed the House Jubiladilia. Entering it was like being licked by a dragon.
'Down!' said his father, pushing him into the water as he struggled to rise. [EoH Ch3]

The sluiceroom ran down the southern side of the House Jubiladilia. The hot water from the Family mainspring fed the mainbath, then was diverted by various channels to the kitchen, to the Family flush toilets, and to the cooling tank which fed the sluiceroom. The sluiceroom was largely used for the care and cleaning of the adaptive skins, which did not like hot water.
The sluice room was a cold room, the coldest room in the Family rambler, as it never got the sun - because, since Islam Demaxus lies to the south of the equator, the sun's arc lies to the north, and it is the northern side of a house which is warm, and the southern cold. [EoH Ch4]

The House Jubiladilia was about halfway along the Mexicus Hojo, on the eastern side of Qin Sistock Maruka. That meant that it was well removed from the waters of Ezakinfin, which was where the skyship was scheduled to actually touch down. However, Zinjanthrop had laid on a number of praus. They were drawn up right now on Eastbeach. In the evening, the Family Jubiladilia and its selected guests would take to those praus and cruise in style to Ezakinfin, to inspect the skyship at their leisure.
That afternoon, there was a light surf breaking on the bright white pearlsands of Eastbeach. Heineman hoped it would die away before evening, for, like Zinjanthrop, he wanted perfect weather for the Family's guests, so the skyship's arrival would be remembered as a social triumph for the Jubiladilias. These things were important if you were in politics - and, since Heineman was a candidate in the forthcoming presidential elections, his Family was in politics with a vengeance. So he hoped for good weather for the evening. [EoH Ch1]

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