House Gorkindachina

The House of Vignis Vo Gorkindachina. First mansion on Qin Sistock Maruka.

After Gorkindachina is shunted possession is given to the Family Epoktatima and it becomes the House Epoktatima.

Greatly disturbed by this discovery, Atlanta pursued the golem-thing down Qin Sistock Maruka, which was flanked on both sides by the mansions of the great commercial Families of Islam Demaxus. The first of these - a poor and sorry thing, but a mansion regardless - was the House Gorkindachina. It was built of sablax. Need more be said?
Parked in front of this monstrosity were eight big piles of cedar, each pile carefully sheltered against the elements by heavyweight tarpaulins. Vignis Vo Gorkindachina owned a warehouse in Westport, but shipping problems had left him with extra timber to store, and he had resorted to plumping it down on his western lawns. Despite the exigencies of the moment, despite all else she had to worry about, Atlanta could not help but notice that timber, and sneer. To use one's garden as a warehouse! What could be more crass? [WoH Ch11]

'I am what I am,' said Gorkindachina, taking her arm, 'and I don't pretend to be otherwise. That's one good thing I can honestly say for myself.'
And, with that, he led the unresisting Atlanta toward the hulking weight of darkness which was the House Gorkindachina, low-built out of armorstone.
Instead of a conventional bathroom and toilet, the House Gorkindachina had an old-fashioned sluice room. Soon, refreshed by a visit to that sluice room, Atlanta seated herself at Gorkindachina's dinner table, which was on the eastern side of the house, with doors opening onto the lawn which fronted onto Eastbeach. She watched as a servant lit candles and arranged flowers. The flowers were roses, red roses. She knew the roses must have been ordered in advance. [WoH Ch14]

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