House Chalk

House of the Family Chalk (Senator Chalk).

As Heineman walked down the beach, he kept a wary lookout for the zogo zalth. If the zogo zalth were still flying round the omagulous toad at La Lantis, then it would be impossible to get anywhere near that object. Diving on the toad by the Spliars was a much better bet, because the zogo zalth could not travel beneath water.
It was a long walk to House Chalk, and Heineman took it slowly, carefully monitoring his own body. The stiffness from his swim of the day before had eased out of his muscles, and he felt ready to make the comparatively short swim from the shore by House Chalk out to the Spliars. As long as the weather held. Looking up at the sky, Heineman saw the clouds still rotating in their double vortex. The emotional weather looked no better, no worse. A continuing threat, then.
He had no way of telling when the neighborhood might be hit by another rupturing metapsychic shock, and no way to tell what might happen when such a shock came. However, if a metapsychic spike hit while he was in the sea near the Spliars, then things might go very badly for him. He remembered the arc of twisting seawater which had reached from the Spliars to La Lantis. It already seemed hard to trust his recent memories, but they were very clear. If sucked into the sky by such an arc, and trapped there, and ravaged by the lightning which had seemed to be running the length of the arc - well, it was hard to imagine he would have much chance of survival if that happened. [EoH Ch17]

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