House Belch

House of the Family Belch

Heineman was happy to accept the offer, and was soon on his way to House Belch, the sorry excuse for a mansion which Wolfganga had built at the south-west end of the Mexicus Hojo. Wolfganga's seven-year presidential term had ended in Belta 2358. Two years later, in the Year of the Lotus, Belta 2360, he had moved from Jaz Diva to Islam Demaxus, and had started building House Belch. Unfortunately, Wolfganga's building site had previously had been a communal rubbish tip, which had made for all kinds of problems.
'We still haven't got the place quite straight,' said Wolfganga, jumping into the water as his prau dug into the beach alongside House Belch, 'but it's not as bad as people say.' [EoH Ch11]

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