Hodokyo De

Major cross-road in downtown Lexis.

A left turn then brought her out onto the Alkaline Bill, and she saw ahead of her the Hodokyo. The Hodokyo was an overpass, a singularly ugly footbridge of old metal painted green, which permitted a diagonal crossing of the intersection known as 'Hodokyo De', 'The Place of the Hodokyo'.
Why was the Hodokyo called a Hodokyo? Nobody knew. Its origins and etymology were lost alike in the depths of antiquity. Local wisdom knew only that Hodokyo was a singularly ugly word for a singularly ugly structure. An old structure. So old, unfortunately, that it had become a civic monument too valuable to be modified, destroyed or otherwise tampered with, regardless of any arguments which might be advanced by common sense, commercial interest or aesthetics.
Hodokyo De, the intersection encumbered by this brutal mass of overhanging metal, was the point at which Qin Sistock Maruka and Palching Lindus met the Alkaline Bill. This major intersection was the site of several important buildings, including the Tilnus Building (notable for its famous facade, and notable also for the fact that it stood next to Betina Lilibet's House of Sin) and the Haridjakarta Moskovola.[WoH Ch8]

Atlanta had a point. Hodokyo De was becoming increasingly crowded, and it would soon be very difficult to move.
Hodokyo De was the nearest thing to a public square in Lexis Central. It was actually the four-way intersection where the Alkaline Bill was intersected by two other roads, Palching Lindus and Qin Sistock Maruka. [EoH Ch10]

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