Hari Mok

The most popular bar in Lexis.

As Atlanta was heading for the Haridjakarta Moskovola (that venerable establishment otherwise known as the Hari Mok), she was hailed by Gorkindachina, who was seated alone in a rickshaw (very much alone, for the rickshaw wallah was nowhere in sight). [WoH Ch8]

The east-west and north-south roads described above meet at a major intersection known as Hodokyo De, the Place of the Hodokyo. At the south east corner of this intersection lies the Haridjakarta Moskovola, that establishment otherwise known as the Hari Mok. Its proprietor the great Hari Pan Daipan Tel Domico Os, and Panjalo Pantaline counted it as the most favorite of her watering holes.
So it was only natural that she should make for the Hari Mok, even though it was night, and even though it was Lombok, and even though the Month of Madness was at its peak, and had brought to Lexis a metapsychic storm, the manifestations of which would have caused even the sanest citizens of Heaven or Hell to doubt their sanity.
As Panjalo strode through the streets, the stones were mewling underfoot. Leaves went winging their way through the night, leaving streaks of blue and green light behind them. The sharp cries of seagulls tore the night, twisting red in the blast of the wind. Faceless wraiths went moaning through walls, twisting through the darkness like clouds of ink despoiling storm-rush waters. [NoP Ch12]

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