Flanjegus Mo

A mountain rising to the north of Lexis.

Worrying the case in her mind, Atlanta headed down the street, oblivious to her surroundings. Her face was to the south. In the north, there rose behind her the mountain of Flanjegus Mo, and on that solitary rock there stood the lunatic asylum known as the Rebus Rokroth. On the heights above the Rebus Rokroth there rose the ruinous battlements of Jol Medlis, Hell's grim fortification, token of the furious wars of the past.
Of the perishing wars which once traumatized the islands of Chalakanesia, little will be said here, either now or later. Certainly Atlanta did not think of them that night. Nevertheless, a passing mention is in order. [WoH Ch8]

Category: oolgeography
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