A fishing village on the tip of the Mexicus Hojo Peninsular.

Thanks to Zinjanthrop's foresight, the members of his Family and their selected guests had a perfect full-circle view without having to go elbow to elbow with the hoi polloi at popular viewing points like the seafront at Ezakinfin.
From up on Zinjanthrop's viewing deck, you could see the full length of the narrow peninsular known as the Mexicus Hojo, bright in the sunlight of a perfect day. Knots of people were moving on foot down Qin Sistock Maruka, the road of white crushed coral which ran down the spine of the peninsular to Ezakinfin, the fisherman's harbor at the peninsular's southern end.
The House Jubiladilia was about halfway along the Mexicus Hojo, on the eastern side of Qin Sistock Maruka. That meant that it was well removed from the waters of Ezakinfin, which was where the skyship was scheduled to actually touch down. However, Zinjanthrop had laid on a number of praus. They were drawn up right now on Eastbeach. In the evening, the Family Jubiladilia and its selected guests would take to those praus and cruise in style to Ezakinfin, to inspect the skyship at their leisure. [EoH Ch1]

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