Eo Eo Hoptus

Eo-Eo Hoptus. City in the Gulf of Heaven. Birthplace of Gorkinachina.

'Yes,' said Heineman, speaking into the silence Gorkindachina allowed him. 'Zinjanthrop's my grandfather! A great man! A great Chalakanesian! Born in Lexis, not like Vignis Vo! Old Vignis here, he's from the Gulf, Eo-Eo Hoptus, that's where Vignis was born, his father ran a mousetrap factory. That's the history of the Gorkindachina family! Their big role in life is competing with cats!'
That got a big laugh from the crowd, and the laugh made Heineman glow with satisfaction. He could play this game too. [EoH Ch10]

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