Embassy Drive

The street outside La Lantis

Embassy Drive, the street outside La Lantis, was lined with shops, but most of them were closed. Not only were they closed: most were boarded up. In the days when Islam Demaxus had had a vibrant tourist industry, visitors had naturally been drawn to La Lantis - coming to the embassy to collect mail, to use its communications facilities to phone home to the Gulf or the Chasms, to lodge petitions against cockfighting, or to complain to the ambassador about theft, sexual molestation or the standard of hotel cuisine.
But the tourist shops were shuttered and silent now, because the travel industry had still not recovered from the Wazington Incident, which had involved the shunting of a shipload of tourists. As for the Obi Ko Art Gallery, directly opposite La Lantis, that was not just boarded up but bricked up. Someone had stolen the windows one night - frames, glass and all. There was, then, no handy place for Heineman to play convalescent. [EoH Ch16]

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