Eastern Ocean

Vishna Elmira, the Ocean to the East of Chalakanesia.

The sea which washed ashore upon Eastbeach was the Eastern Ocean, that wilderness of whales which is more romantically known as the Ocean of Vishna Elmira. The archipelago of Chalakanesia lies in the wash of the Oceans of Light, dividing the Eastern Ocean from the Western; and the Mexicus Hojo, in a small-scale fractal imitation of the whole archipelago, does likewise.
Imagine, then, the Mexicus Hojo, a narrow peninsular with a row of great mansions on either side of its central road. To the west is the Western Ocean, otherwise known as the Ocean of Solasalassa; to the east is Vishna Elmira; and both great expanses of glittering water are dotted with the bright bob of praus, the prau being that seagoing Chalakanesian sailing canoe which is flanked by two outriggers. [WoH Ch1]

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