The beach on the east of the Mexicus Hojo Peninsular. Most of the great families mansions overlook Eastbeach.

There was no denying the pull of the moon. There on the pearlsands of Eastbeach, there by the waters of the great Ocean of Vishna Elmira, Atlanta slipped out of her clothes, revealing to the night the long lean lines of her strength, the flatness of her belly, the modest discretion of her breasts. She was tall, especially tall tonight, for she was as tall as the moon itself. She felt her pulse answering to an older pulse, her blood to an older blood. She felt the pull of the moon, and the lunar sea.
Intoxicated by the moon, Atlanta walked to the waters, to the black shock of the sea, to the billion shifting sequins of the shattering moon. Around her, the surf broke in a leisurely slush. She dived, and swam outwards, swimming out into the deepening blackness, swimming out to the depths where blackness turned to luminous blue-green as she came over the reefs of moon coral. [WoH Ch4]

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