Daffodil Burk

A coffee shop next to Atlanta's office.

So Gorkindachina made his way to the Ul Den Ul, the building on the Chadlin Jo which housed Atlanta's law office. He got there in the early evening, refreshed himself with a cup of coffee at the neighboring Daffodil Burk, then climbed to the fourth floor of the Ul Den Ul. [NoP Ch14]

The Daffodil Burk was additionally important to Atlanta because she had no waiting room.
Some people might be hard put to imagine how one could run a law practice without having accommodation for waiting clients. Atlanta had wondered herself when old man Zinjanthrop had flatly refused to finance her practice, forcing her to start up on a shoestring. But necessity had engineered a prompt solution. Her clients now knew to wait in the Daffodil Burk, a never-close coffee shop where they could eat and drink at Atlanta's expense, with nothing to pay and nothing to sign. The coffee shop billed Atlanta monthly, and she wrote it all off against taxes.
At this time of the evening, the Daffodil Burk was almost empty, for the daylight business had tapered off to next to nothing. Later, there would be drunks wandering in for hot coffee, the traditional remedy for an overdose of strong drink. Later still, there would be the fishermen coming in cold and hungry from the seas of night. [WoH Ch3]

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