Court Of Justice

In the city of Lexis, there was only one court, this being the Court of Justice located in Eastport.

This display of temper helped Gorkindachina realize that his own perceptions were correct, and that he had lost heavily that day. At the age of thirty-three, Atlanta Ignalina Jubiladilia was absurdly young to be a judge of the Court of Justice, but the day's performance had shown that her standard of competence was much higher than the average.
Admittedly, judges of the Court of Justice were not usually great legal brains, since their appointments were political, and they were chosen more for their support of the ruling faction or the dominant ideology than for any judicial excellence. Still, Atlanta had shone, had out-performed the norm, and would have impressed many people by her grasp of the higher issues of the law.
Gorkindachina's case had been a threat both to Atlanta and Heineman, but she had taken it, turned it around, and converted it into an asset. In effect, Atlanta would use this case to input ideas of her own into Chalakanesia's political process. This would be done publicly: whatever submission she made to the president or the senate on this matter would be a public document, and she was sure to make sure it had the widest possible circulation. [NoP Ch16]

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