Conference Room Of The House Jubiladilia

Room in house Jubiladilia

Two days later, after further talks with Grindle-Joyce, Heineman came to the Conference Room of the House Jubiladilia, meaning to brief his sister Atlanta and his grandfather Zinjanthrop at a strategy meeting. The Conference Room was a cedar-paneled carbuncle raised above the roof of the House Jubiladilia just as the uppermost first-class bar of the Zuzu Magore was raised above the ship's observation deck.
Heineman was first to arrive, and found the room full of light. Sunlight was pouring down from a clear sky, and the world was awash with light to its very horizons. Through the 360o windows of the Conference Room, he could gaze his full upon the aching endlessness of the Oceans of Light. To the west, a three-masted ship was venturing out of Westport, all sails set, the vessel almost stationary upon the sea. Out to the east, there were a few praus sailing around the Spliars, near the wreck of the Zuzu Magore. [EoH Ch6]

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