Cherwin Skam

An island of the federation of Chalakanesia.

Heaven and Hell had initially wanted the voters of all seven states to vote in one simultaneous election, but this would have threatened Chalakanesia's federal structure, since it would have given undue influence to the island of Midas Makorum, most populous and most powerful of the Seven Pearls. Cherwin Skam and Solakarno had flatly threatened to secede from the federation if the Great Clam (as Midas Makorum was often scornfully referred to) was allowed to dominate Chalakanesian politics. [EoH Ch10]

The presidency of the Federation of Chalakanesia rotated from state to state, passing from Cherwin Skam to Midas Makorum, from Unlox Brocade to Solakarno, from Jaz Diva to Sopwith Dromedax, and so at last to Islam Demaxus. As the presidential term was seven years, a complete rotation of the presidency took forty-nine years, which meant that no person could reasonably hope to be president twice in one lifetime. [NoP Ch4]

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