Chan Molest

A city in Heaven or Hell.

As shadows, silent in his confidence, Gorkindachina attended to something on his dressing table, and the low, rhythmic whine of the trance music of Chan Molest filled the room. Atlanta realized he had set a music-bead to play. Letting the music guide her rhythms, she tranced toward him, offering him the candles, a gift.

[WoH Ch14]

Those of you who are reading this in Heaven will know that in your own streets any man left helpless in the gutter will likely be kidnapped and spirited away into illegal slavery - whereas in Hell the juvenile street gangs are apt to souvenir his testicles. But Chalakanesia has no such traditions. In fact, in all of Chalakanesia there is no such thing as a street gang. (Staid Chalakanesian citizens might dispute this, pointing to the existence of groups of young hoodlums who holler in the streets after midnight, and fight great wars with potatoes and rotten peaches. But these are hardly 'street gangs' as the term is understood in Nath Noblis or in Chan Molest). [WoH Ch9]

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