Chadlin Steps

An area of Lexis, presumably at the base of the mountain.

Once Atlanta had taken Oberon's fingerprints, Heineman managed to persuade her to quit La Lantis. Teladex, in turn, surrendered the assassin the very next day. By that time, Oberon was ambulatory. Even so, he remained mute under interrogation - but was soon identified with the help of the proprietor of the Tatsu Clapsu, a tattoo parlour by the Chadlin Steps. [NoP Ch2]

Atlanta was still hard at it two days later, when Bullock brought her hot news of Soba's location. Which was how Atlanta was able to corner Glan Gleneth Soba Lubamacasta in the Pert Ptyx, a small but expensive dressmaker's shop which perched precariously on poles by the Chadlin Steps, on the actual slopes of the great rock of Flanjegus Mo. [WoH Ch12]

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