Chadlin Jo

The street housing the Ul Den Ul, which is Atlanta's office building.

So Gorkindachina made his way to the Ul Den Ul, the building on the Chadlin Jo which housed Atlanta's law office. He got there in the early evening, refreshed himself with a cup of coffee at the neighboring Daffodil Burk, then climbed to the fourth floor of the Ul Den Ul. [NoP Ch14]

Atlanta got to her knees, feeling shaky. Got to her feet, feeling sick. Went down on her knees again, feeling dizzy. Crawled to the roof's western parapet, literally crawled, down on her hands and knees, unable to stagger, unable to stand. She rested her chin on the parapet's roughwork, gripped it with both hands, then peered down into Chadlin Jo.
The Gorkindachina-golem stood in the middle of that street, cranking itself round and round in slow, senseless circles. Atlanta counted five such revolutions before the golem decided on a destination. It began to lumber down the street. Heading south. That way lay the Mexicus Hojo and the Houses of the Families: amongst them, House Jubiladilia. [WoH Ch11]

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