A boy entered, bearing a cardboard box. By its smell and its greasespots, Gorkindachina divined its contents: a pizza. Atlanta signed a chit, gave the boy a half-dollar tip, and was opening the box even as he was exiting her office.
Atlanta's meal was a fullsize seaslug pizza, garnished with anchovies and olives. It had been sliced into six. Gorkindachina felt his mouth watering.
'Hungry?' said Atlanta. [NoP Ch14]

'I hope you don't mind tofu,' said Atlanta, cutting the lid off the pizza box. 'The lumpy bits are tofu.'
'It looks like anchovies and olives to me,' said Gorkindachina. 'Your basic seaslug pizza with anchovies and olives.'
'I know how it looks,' said Atlanta. 'That's why I'm warning you. Tofu fine with you? Okay.' [NoP Ch14]

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