podleen, the alcoholic brew of the poor

The iodine tree (here we yield again to the didactic impulse, but will try to refrain from doing so too often in the future) is a purple-leaved plant which produces yungun, the traditional chewing gum of Chalakanesia. Its pods break to reveal a yellow slime, the smell of which is of sewers, a fact much to the taste of young children engaged in street battles.
(Need we say more? We could, we can, we will. The iodine tree is said to be a source of iodine, and its slime to be a cure for goiter: but this is not true. However, the raw slime can be brewed into podleen, the alcoholic brew of the poor. Alternatively, that slime can be cooked, if curry is added to swamp the sewer-smell and make the brew-broth palatable. More? We could say much more yet, but - enough!).
It follows, then, that those bidden to Soba's party had to troop past the fallen iodine tree on their way to the House Lubamacasta. It seems Glan Gleneth Soba Lubamacasta was less than universally respected by her guests, since the tree was soon adorned by a snot-rag, a pair of underpants, the better part of a roll of toilet paper, and a bouquet of condoms (these last unused, for the night had yet to be outraged by any scenes of dissipated orgy). [WoH Ch4]

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