Olongolo being the green-fleshed hairy banana of Chalakanesia

As was the custom in the presidential mansion, all the dishes arrived on the table at once, the diners thereafter being left in peace to get on with their meal, free of the surveillance of servants. This evening's meal was boiled white rice, boiled olongolo (the olongolo being the green-fleshed hairy banana of Chalakanesia), fried pork, fried sausages, fried mushrooms, fresh tomato, boiled carrot, boiled potato, boiled sweet potato and cabbage roll soup.
'I hear you've been to see the Enlightened One,' said Panjalo, slicing her olongolo with an arkimus skid (that is to say, a banana spoon, an instrument traditionally made of silver, and sharpened on one edge).
'Are you talking to me?' said Heineman, who had no wish to get dragged into yet another argument about the Cult of Orgy. [NoP Ch11]

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