Goblin's Red Hot Patent Oil

Hot sauce?

Gyoza (which are technically fried dumplings stuffed with minced pork) are traditionally eaten in Lexis with a mix-it-yourself sauce, the optional ingredients of which are vinegar, soy sauce, black pepper, and Goblin's Red Hot Patent Oil. Atlanta, as was her custom, used all the above to make her own dunking dip, but Soba contented herself with a squirt of vinegar. [WoH Ch3]

Atlanta picked up a gyoza with her chopsticks, but it fell apart. Without any sense of shame, she used her fingers to compress its ruination into a squishy ball. She rubbed this ball in her dunking dip, then shoveled it into her mouth. Despite the press of her problems, Soba watched this procedure with nothing short of fascinated horror.
'So,' said Atlanta, licking traces of Goblin's Red Hot Patent Oil from her lips. 'So, so our good friend Gorkindachina is mixed up in this.' She picked up her water and sluiced it down. 'Well well well.'
A little grease from Atlanta's lips made swirling patterns in the cleanliness of the water. She studied the water, thinking about Gorkindachina and about Soba. Then she raised her eyes, and looked at Soba, hard. [WoH Ch3]

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