Sex Rites Of Chalakanesia

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It must be further added that, in Chalakanesia, this symbolic phallus is an important symbol of respectability. It does not simply declare one's potency. It declares, as well, one's conformity to social standards. So Heineman was being neither boastful nor eccentric by putting this tie around his neck: he was, rather, confirming his acceptance of the family obligations of adulthood and his allegiance to the established political order.
Those interested will find a fuller explanation of this 'tie' in a book called 'Sex Rites of Chalakanesia' (Slogscum Press, Belta 2284). The author is Umberto Umberto, a noted ethnologist who spent ten years on the island of Midas Makorum, and who entered into a form of marriage with a Chalakanesian woman, the better to profit science by his observations.
Having demonstrated the truth of Umberto Umberto's ethnological research by putting on a tie, Heineman then fitted himself with a groin cup. He believed strongly in insurance, and this was his insurance against getting disabled by a kick to the testicles should the day's electioneering end in riot. [EoH Ch10]

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