Mad Dog

The Mad Dog of Scorpion 400

Was he a ghost? He did not feel like a ghost, but that was no guarantee of anything. He had weight, mass, obstinance. That again guaranteed nothing. The doppelgangers generated by Chalakanesia's metapsychic faultline could be full-fleshed creatures of blood and bone. There was, for example, the famous incident of the Mad Dog of Scorpion 400. That rabid animal had ghosted repeatedly, and its full-fleshed doppelgangers had filled the streets of Lexis, biting and howling as they ravaged the populace. The Mad Dog had, in its multiplicity, terrorized the city of Lexis for a full ninety days, and those days of horror remained vivid in memory even after the passage of a full one hundred and fifty Chalakanesian Cycles.
'But I am not a doppelganger!' said Gorkindachina firmly. 'I am the one and only flesh and blood Gorkindachina!' [NoP Ch14]

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