Chalakanesia has a thirteen month year.

The known months are below.

  1. Zavrakeltic - Month Of All Births
  2. na
  3. na
  4. na
  5. na
  6. na
  7. na
  8. na
  9. Alsh Gravis - Month Of Marriage
  10. Tasmarta - Month Of Fish (not certain this month number is correct)
  11. Palapap - Month Of Caterpillars
  12. Lombok - Month Of Madness
  13. Sadamantha - Month Of Peace

The woman Panjalo, daughter of Kansko Chansko and Olabadilia Lazamora, sister of Atlanta Ignalina and Heineman Yakaskam, was arrested in Tasmarta, the Month of Fish, and was put on trial in Palapap, the Month of Caterpillars, which is the 11th month of Chalakanesia's 13-month year, the month which comes directly before Lombok. [NoP Ch7]

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