Month Of Peace

Sadamantha, the Month of Peace, which follows Lombok

Instead, for the first time in the history of Chalakanesia, the people themselves would get to elect a president by popular vote. The whole population of Islam Demaxus would vote in the elections which were scheduled to be held in Palapap, the month which precedes Lombok. As usual, the president would take office in Sadamantha, the Month of Peace, which follows Lombok. [EoH Ch4]

(Those of you who are familiar with Chalakanesian studies will know that Sadamantha is no month for parties. Sadamantha, the month which Chalakanesia's calendar sets directly after Lombok, is the Month of Peace, designated as a time of peace, of rest, and of university examinations. But Glan Gleneth Soba Lubamacasta was no respecter of calendars). [WoH Ch4]

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