Lombok, the Month of Madness, was the time of peak metapsychic activity in Chalakanesia. Then, big spikes and overjolts were to be expected.
'Obviously,' said Heineman, 'La Lantis wants this toad out of the Zuzu Magore by the time Lombok comes round. They'd like to ship it out of Chalakanesia, if that's at all possible.'
'It had better be,' said Zinjanthrop. [EoH Ch6]

That night, the weather was warm. It then lacked only three days till the end of Palapap, which meant that the following month would be Lombok, the Month of Madness in which the activity of Chalakanesia's metapsychic faultline peaks.
Already, the nights were getting exceptionally restless. The night sky writhed with slow-broiling clouds of purple and orange. Intermittently, pods of the zogo zalth would drift across the grounds of the Salsa Soko Pelchis, their cold-burning auras glowing ice-white or blood-red. Watching those slow-floating needle-darts, Heineman thought of his Uncle Olomok, who dwelt with the Gan on the Great Clam, and made his way in the world by hunting that living steel. [NoP Ch9]

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