Chalakanesian Cycles

A Chalakanesian Cycle is a Chalakanesian year.

Heaven and Hell use the "Belta" system for years. Is the year length the same?

Year Cycle Belta Comment
Year of the Scorpion 400 Mad Dog of Scorpion 400
Year of the Pelican 548 2230
Year of the Mongoose 2358
Year of the Slug 2359
Year of the Lotus 2360 Belta 2358. Two years later, in the Year of the Lotus, Belta 2360
- 2361
- 2362
- 2363
Year of the Hog (Blast) 550 2365
Year of the Aardvark 2366
Year of the Elephant 2366
Year of the Pearl 2367 Year of the Elephant at last came to an end, and the month of Zavrakeltic initiated the Year of the Pearl
Year of the Giraffe ? Year of the Pearl, which lies between Elephant and Giraffe
Year of the Monkey 2367 Belta 2367, the Year of the Monkey
Year of the Cloud 550 2368 ?

There may be an error in the books due to multiple Belta 2366/2367 not matching the cycles.

Panjalo Pantaline Jubiladilia was put on trial for her life in the Year of the Cloud in the 550th Chalakanesia Cycle, a year which can be more conveniently referred to as Belta 2368 (and here let us note that even the natives of Chalakanesia commonly use Belta dating, finding it more convenient than the cumbersome poetry of their own chronology).
The woman Panjalo, daughter of Kansko Chansko and Olabadilia Lazamora, sister of Atlanta Ignalina and Heineman Yakaskam, was arrested in Tasmarta, the Month of Fish, and was put on trial in Palapap, the Month of Caterpillars, which is the 11th month of Chalakanesia's 13-month year, the month which comes directly before Lombok. [NoP Ch7]

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