Coral weed

So thought Heineman, contemplating the looming, curving mass of the glistening white hull of the Zuzu Magore. He eyed the chunk of pinnacle warily. Drifts of aquarium fish hung around it, nibbling its warpweed, tasting its jalajek pseudo-coral. The fish reassured Heineman.

[EoH Ch7]

The coral sustained the warpweed, the weed watered the coral, and both organisms thus lived largely free of the eaters and browsers of the depths. Many sea-creatures had such mutually advantageous living arrangements, and, from observations of sealife, the philosophers of Chalakanesia's classical period had constructed beautiful logical political theories of harmonious cooperation. This had not saved the classical period from ending in a welter of blood, fear, torture, famine, paranoia and mutilating death. [EoH Ch7]

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