Rainbow Moth

Heineman was not going to risk votes by speaking up for the stink-bat. The stink-bat was undoubtedly an endangered species. Furthermore, sober analysts believed it to be important to Chalakanesia's ecology, for stink-bats ate rainbow moths, and the children of rainbow moths ate trees. But the stink-bat had the misfortune to be an exceedingly ugly animal which, true to its name, had a very foul smell. Furthermore, it bit people, and was rumored to carry rabies.
'Burn the stink-bat, he says!' said Gorkindachina. 'A yes-man, that's our Heineman. I tell him to burn stink-bats, and stink-bats he burns. He's our national stink-bat burner!'
'Heineman's a yes-man!' bellowed Gorkindachina. 'A professional stink-bat burner!'
'Well,' said Gorkindachina, 'so now we know Heineman's a stink-bat burner. Now we know he's a yes-man.' [EoH Ch10]

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