moji are a fish that react to emotions.

Unfortunately, her seat had been taken, and the only one left was next to the glass tank which contained the moji, a beast which most people shunned as best they could.
In outward appearance, the moji is innocuous, for in its natural and unexcited state it looks like nothing so much as a soft and spongy pincushion coated with coruscating diamonds. But, while the moji initially appears to be a pretty little thing, Hari Pan Daipan Tel Domico Os displayed a considerable caprice by giving houseroom to something which was so much a handicap to his business. For the moji is the munch-goblin of Chalakanesia, a psychotropic organism which betrays the emotions of whomsoever is in its vicinity. Still, Atlanta Ignalina took a seat beside it regardless.
For the moji fled to the furthest corner of its tank, where it cringed against the wall. Its psychic powers had told it in unmistakable terms that Atlanta Ignalina was bent upon its murder. Atlanta actually had no thought of molesting the moji, and was scarcely conscious of the thing's existence. But she was possessed of such a generalized rage of murderous anger that she was ready to rend, tear, maim, mutilate and destroy the next thing which annoyed her.
Atlanta felt disgraced and degraded by this display of cowardice, since Yulius, after all, was her choice. Her choice was reflecting badly on her. Hence her fury, which had so thoroughly upset the moji.
Here we must be at pains to dispell one of those misconceptions which Heaven and Hell so liberally entertain about Chalakanesia. Let us be absolutely clear about the moji: it is not the 'mind reading animal' it is so commonly alleged to be. Not exactly. It detects emotional states, and evidences its reading of those states; but its reading of mood-states is subject to error, just as your neighbor's reading of your own countenance is likely to be sometimes in error. This particular moji, as we have said already, erroneously thought Atlanta wanted to eat it.
And, while we are on the subject, let us make clear the fact that the moji is the creature which is best adapted to employ the powers of the metapsychic faultline to its own advantage. No other animal has managed to so control those powers - and certainly no human has.
But, Atlanta being merely human in her rage, she could but sit there fuming, and inadvertently terrorizing the moji. [WoH Ch9]

'Not your policy!' said Atlanta. 'Heineman, I'm one of the people who make your policy! I want to know why you keep doing little favors for Old Mister Whitebeard. It's potentially embarrassing. This moji business, for instance.'
'There's plenty of moji,' said Heineman defensively.
'There are not plenty of moji,' said Atlanta. 'They're a protected species, if you let Wolfganga keep exporting the things they'll all be dead, an extinct species. Like the stink-bat!' [NoP Ch8]

'Don't play games with me,' said Teladex coldly. 'As the Conference's ambassador, I have a responsibility to all citizens of the Gulf and the Chasms. Under the International Justice Treaty, to which Chalakanesia is a signatory, these people cannot be denied access to their diplomatic representatives. What are you doing to them? Trial by moji?' [NoP Ch10]

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