Ban Ban

An annoying dog. Ban Ban the Third, owned by Gabu Gabu Jones

Equally sleep-disturbing was the flesh-and-blood dog which was indulging in its habitual howling. As Atlanta was fully aware, this particular dog was Ban Ban the Third, and it was owned by Gabu Gabu Jones, a retired sea captain who had spent a lifetime plying the route between Lexis and Lighthouse. For reasons entirely inscrutable to Atlanta's rationality, Gabu Gabu Jones chose to maintain a dog which nightly disturbed the peace of most of Lexis Central.
Remonstrating with the old seafarer had been useless, and the Court of Justice had refused to issue an order for the compulsory destruction of the delinquent dog - for, like Barth Banchup Bakchakris or Prodolikus, the city of Lexis lacked any law capable of restraining a dog which was bent on ravaging the communal tranquility. In the face of continued canine provocations, Atlanta had begun to consider a covert midnight assassination - but so far she had not nerved herself up to the attempt. [WoH Ch11]

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