Oceans Of Light

The Oceans of Light is a three book Fantasy series written by Hugh Cook in the 90s. Hugh self-published them using the Lulu.com Print-On-Demand service, and the books can still be purchased here, either as physical books or PDF files for loading on e-readers.

This page aims to be the unofficial source for Oceans of Light trilogy information on the internet.


The books in order are:

West of Heaven

East of Hell

North of Paradise

Short stories


Unofficial Maps. Use these to orient yourself with the stories.


Oceans of Light Concordance, oddities and trivia.


The Oceans of Light Encyclopedia !

Featured Articles

Error Log

Errors lists the errors in the books. Useful for correcting the books in future.

Cover Art

Cover Art produced by Hugh Cook based on free resources provided by Lulu.com.

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