The Curse of the Hag

The Curse of the Hag is a magical transformation of the tribute paid to Obooloo by the Quinjoks, transforming a rich tribute of Jade into a rubbish of broken sticks and wet leaves. The curse always strikes after the sealing of the treasure chests in the presence of a banker from the Galsh Ebrek Flesh Traders Association. A small portion of that tribute that was illegally provided to Aldrich Danbourg by King Dimple-Dumpling was not however affected. From this we can speculate that perhaps Danbourg’s nobility and purity as Yudonic Knight, or his dark power to shapeshift into the form of a wolf somehow negated the curse or perhaps the curse only affected the contents of the chests.

The other possible, though unlikely explanation is that the Ogres of the Quinjocks used their superior craftsmanship and knowledge to open the chests and exchange the treasure for detritus off the forest in a form of bait and switch. This seems very unlikely though as it would have been a major diplomatic incident if discovered. Such was the esteem that the people of Wen Endex held the Orgre’s in this subject of this possibility was never broached.

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