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Penvash: peninsular in the north-west of Argan. To the south, at the base of this peninsular, is Estar. To the north, across the waters of the Pale, is the rockthrust of Lex Chalis. To the west is Sken-Pitilkin's home island of Drum.

In Penvash are the ruins of the Old City, which house dangerous arcana which have killed many an unwary treasure seeker. The construction of the Old City is a feat variously attributed to an extinct race of intelligent dragons, to a breed of men possessed by malign demons, or to an entirely hypothetical breed of land-dwelling octopuses. In fact, the Old City was a creation of the Technic Renaissance, and so is the work of ordinary humans.

The Old City is superficially similar to the mazeways Downstairs beneath Untunchilamon's ruling city of Injiltaprajura. But there are profound differences. Much Downstairs - lights and ice-makers in particular - is reliable in its fulfillment of an obvious and useful purpose. Whereas the Old City is the ruinous habitation of mad destruction, a place unfit for human flesh.