East Of Hell

Second Book in Hugh Cook's Oceans of Light Trilogy.

In Chalakanesia, where the presence of the metapsychic faultline makes for a certain amount of paranormal chaos, Heineman Jubiladilia campagins for the job of president. He finds himself living in interesting times: diving on a wreck to rescue air crash survivors, surviving a riot during the election campaign and, before he is done, facing the challenge of getting back inside his living body after he has inadvertently managed to go ghosting out of it. Alternative realities do not come more alternative than this!

Plot (Spoilers)

The main character is Heineman, brother of Atlanta and uncle of her baby Loki, both members of the Jubiladilia Family who specialize in diving using "adaptive skins".

Heineman has become a senator based on the deal arranged with Gorkindachina in West of Heaven, but now Heineman is running for President of Chalakanesia against the same Gorkindachina. Heineman's sister Panjalo left Gorkindachina and joined Cult of Orgy before the book began.

The book opens with the Zuzu Magore a skyship due to touchdown, however it crashes into the ocean due to problems with the power generating Omagulous Toad technology working near the metapsychic faultline.

Heineman and the Jubiladilia Family dive and save some of the crew.

Heineman and Gorkindachina meet to publicly have a debate however Heineman is ambushed by Gorkindachina publicly revealing Heineman's Grandfather Zinjanthrop's past sex crimes. Heineman's campaign collapses but he doesn't quit.

The research facility of La Lantis conducts an experiment involving Omagulous Toad's however it fails and causes a massive explosion. Heineman saves the day by swimming out to the wreck of the Zuzu Magore and dropping the Omagulous Toad over the continental shelf. In the explosion Gorkindachina is shunted, meaning he disappears.

First book - West of Heaven
Second book - East of Hell
Third book - North of Paradise

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