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The Chronicles consist of the following novels:

The red numbers are suggested reading order. The events of book one are central to much of the action in the rest of the series. Book four is the most fun.
The numbers in brackets are the chronological order in which each novel begins. The Timeline shows how the events in each novel synchronise.
The following stories are also set in the Age of Darkness milieu:

  • The Secret History of Lord Dreldragon
  • The Dragon Zenphos
  • Vorn the Gladiator
  • Invasion of the Chickens
  • A Pilgrimage to Plaka Kalada
  • Port Domax

Finally, Hugh has provided some explanatory notes and apocrypha:

  • Untunchilamon background
  • Another milieu map from a fan
  • Walchop and the Wasp outline
  • Overview of Volumes 9 to 10
  • Worshippers and the Way plot summary
  • A shower scene
  • Overview of Volumes 11 to 20
  • Overview of Volumes 21 to 40
  • Overview of Volumes 41 to 60
  • Chronicles of an Age of Empire plan
  • Random Fragments

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