Characters We Want

Troldot Turbothot: the intrepid circumnavigator who appears in books 5, 6 and 7. The tale of his voyage around Olo Malan would add a wealth of information about new lands and cultures.

The map below shows what we know of the world so far:

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Olo Malan

(Assuming that 1 league equals 2 km, and that Olo Malan's circumference is the same as Earth's - 40,000 km)

Jon Qasaba: we have intriguing hints about his rise to some kind of power in the Izdimir Empire (VI p. 254). How is this achieved? His story would also tell us more about Ashmolea and Yestron.

At the same time, we'd doubtless hear more about Aquitaine Varazchavardan, Anaconda Stogirov and Boo Taboo.

Drake Douay: from Hugh's notes, we can see that the irrepressible Drake has many more adventures, and plays a central role in the formation of the post-Drangsturm new world order.

His story would include information about Jon Arabin, Slagger Mulps and the rest of the Orfus pirates who survived book IV.

Ivan Prokov: The immortal creator of the analytical engine has been kidnaped by the transformed Hermit Crab, now called Codlugarthia. His forced collaboration with the therapist ‘Downstairs’ to attempt to reestablish the Chasm Gates must have bearing at some point in the future.

Guest Gulkan: Having taken over the Collosnon Empire via patricide is an important player, will he reunite with his brother, and will there be forgiveness? The Emperor in Exile is back, and significantly more capable than before his brush with the Giant Mink.

Justina Thrug the ‘Empress’ Justina having lost her power base in Injiltaprajra Has seized power in her native Wen Endex. This is a medieval, feudal society however it sits on the circle of the partnership banks, and Justina is capable, cunning and has been exposed to new ideas. Will forge an alliance with Alfric Danbourg, having cheated him for the throne?

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