Technology from Hugh Cook's Chronicles of an Age of Darkness.

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Star Globes and Doors
Bottle Chain of Custody

Category: Technology

Analytical Engine Analytical Engine

Bandalore Bandalore

Bottles Magic Bottles Bottles are magical items that are bigger on the inside than on the outside. Rings bound specifically to certain bottles allow the user to enter and exit that bottle by wearing the ring...

Carbon Carbon

Death Stone Death Stone Death-stones are egg-shaped stones with powerful magical abilities- they convert the surrounding ~1 league (~ 1 mile) of land/material into living rock. It is activated by saying the Words...

Door Door

Illusion tanks Illusion tanks

Iron Iron

Mad Jewels Mad Jewels The mad-jewels are magical, yellow jewels that cause madness in any human or similarly intelligent creature within several leagues of them. They are stored in lead boxes with the null sign...

Odex Odex

Red Charm Red Charm The red charms are red jewels on necklace chains that protect the wearer from the effects of the mad-jewels. They seem to last indefinitely.

Shlug Shlug

Staff of Power Staff of Power

Star Globe Star Globe

Steel Steel

Tectonic lever Tectonic lever

Wishstone Wishstone

Zymometer Zymometer

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